worms need life

Worms Need Life

My teacher at daycare has two salamanders – Harry and Sally. I like salamanders, even though their eyes are a little creepy. You know what’s weird? That my teacher is afraid of frogs but still likes salamanders. Anyways, one day my teacher thought it would be fun to have us kids help her feed the salamanders. This is the day that I discovered that salamanders eat worms. Yes, that’s right, worms! I was shocked. I was outraged. Something had to be done. So, with the help of the salamander loving, worm sacrificing teacher I made a sign declaring Worms Need Life and led my daycare classmates in a protest.

Now I know this might sound silly. Yes I know salamanders need to eat. And the truth is I don’t even like worms. But my protest was not just to save the worms but to save the humans too! You see worms live in gardens. In fact they are very, very important for a healthy garden. So if we feed all the worms to the slimy salamanders that means we can’t grow vegetables and that, my friend, is not good.

Yep, I’m a big picture kind of kid.


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  1. Years ago, we had a red worm compost that we kept under the sink. We fed the worms scraps of food, and they inturn made compost for our plants. It was not stinky and very, very cool.

    1. Oh I’m not sure about that. Worms IN THE HOUSE? We do have a compost bin in the backyard. Close enough for me!

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