bike safety

On Being a Safe Kid. And a Twitter Party Announcement #SKWParty May 6

This was my first bike. It was an old (mom calls it retro) wooden bike that my mom picked up a second hand store. It was a little wobbly and not all that easy to ride but even I have to admit it was pretty cool. I’ve had a few bikes since then, oh and a scooter!

bike safety


bike safety


Now that is a sweet ride. That’s right, it’s a Tinker Bell bike! And you should see me ride it. It’s taken a lot of practice but I’m really good at riding it now. And I always, always wear my helmet. Even though I’ve got some mad bike skills I’m still just a kid and even the best rider falls sometimes. Mom says the helmet will protect me if I bonk my head. But you know what? My mom and dad always wear their helmets too. I’ve never seen them fall but it could happen and, really, they have a lot longer to fall than I do!

My mom was talking to me about bike safety this morning. We talked about wearing our helmets and how important that it. She asked me if I had any other bike safety tips. I do:

Watch where you are going!

Trees hurt when you run into them

You should have a bell on your bike. 

Bells are really cool and sometimes people don’t hear you coming on a bike, even when you’re singing Let It Go at the top of your lungs.

Wear the right shoes.

Bikes and flip flops just aren’t the best combination. I’m just saying…

Listen to your parents.

Ok I’m not always the best listener. But when we are out riding our bikes I listen. I know my parents just want to keep me safe and since our favourite place to ride to is the ice cream store I’m on my best behaviour. I have my eye on the prize. And the prize is birthday cake ice cream with a jelly bean on top!

Twitter Party!

To be honest I’m not exactly sure how a Twitter Party works but I know my mom goes to a lot of them on her computer. Parties without cake and presents don’t make a lot of sense to me but I know sometimes she wins things so there’s that. Anyways, mom says there is a party coming up all about bike safety and that’s pretty important even if there is no cake. So here’s the deets:

Safe Kids Week is May 4-10th. And you are invited to join Parachute Canada in a fun and informative Twitter Party to talk about bike safety for the whole family!

When – May 6th at 7pm EST

Where – Twitter follow @parachutecanada and follow the #SKWParty hashtag

Prizes – What’s a party without prizes?

  • One $100 Tim Hortons Gift Cards
  • One $200 Tim Hortons Gift Cards
  • One $300 Tim Hortons Gift Cards

RSVP –  Be sure to RSVP here!

How many donuts do you think you could get for $300? Probably like a billion. Then you could have your own party. A donut party! You wouldn’t even need cake, because – DONUTS!

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